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Rear Vision’s Palliative Care podcast

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First broadcast by Radio National in may, 2009, this palliative care podcast covers it’s short history and practive throughout the world. Rear Vision tracks the history of this approach to dying from its origins in Britain to Australia, where the world’s first professor of palliative care was appointed.

The transcript is available here, or you can listen to it directly here: 


Death in the 21st Century

Picture 1Death isn’t always something we always want to face up to but we know that it will certainly come knocking one day. People have been dying for many years now, so what can we unravel from the experience of passing on?

As techniques of keeping people alive improve the grey areas surrounding the definition of life become murky. When does death officially or clinically occur and what role does technology play in the process? In a world saturated by celebrity and public lives, what are the effects of the media’s portrayal of death and how does this affect the nature of grieving?

In this talk at the State Library of Queensland, a group of mortal scholars gathered to present their views on taking the ultimate dirt nap.  To watch this fascinating talk click here for the video, or click on the podcast below to listen to it in full.

This story was first broadcast by  ABC Fora on 7th August, 2009.  Many thanks to the ABC for allowing us to re-publish.

Holding Sacred Space and Marking Rites of Passage

Meredith-bio2Meredith and her husband, Steven Foster, co-founded Rites of Passage Inc. in 1976 and The School of Lost Borders in 1981 – pioneering the methods and dynamics of modern pan-cultural passage rites in the wilderness, and “field therapy”. The essence of their work is captured in articles, chapters, an award-winning documentary film, and books that include: The Book of the Vision Quest, The Roaring of the Sacred River, The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature, and Lost Borders: Coming of Age in the Wilderness.

Since Steven’s death in 2003, she continues both nationally and internationally to guide and train others in this work, while also founding, with Dr. Scott Eberle, a new arm of Lost Borders entitled “The Practice of Living and Dying”. In this partnership with Scott she hopes to crack open the taboos surrounding death, and to help restore dying to its natural place in the cycles of living.

In this podcast, Meredith Little shares her personal journey into the natural world, where she guides people through rites of passages. Camille and Meredith share their personal experiences around grief and loss and Meredith’s offers insights on death and dying after sharing her pan cultural wisdom with an international audience.

Listen to her podcast here.

Using voice to ease the process of grief

rachael_kohnBaby Boomers invented ‘the lifestyle choice’ but now they’re choosing a death style, the natural way of death.  Dr. Rachael Kohn interviews voice empowerment coach Ganga (Karen) Ashworth who uses voice training to ease the process of grief.

With her extensive background in teaching, Karen is highly sought after for her skills as a Conductor, Singer, Facilitator and Voice Empowerment Coach. Having discovered a passion for the music of other cultures whilst training as a classical singer and Music educator at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Karen blends the wisdom of Ancient traditions into her work with the voice. From her training as a yoga teacher, and experience with many different healing modalities, Karen enables participants to engage sound, Mantra, voice and vibration as powerful tools for healing and personal transformation.

This interview first aired on Radio National’s show “The Spirit of Things” in July 2009. If you are unable to listen to the podcast, you can read the full transcript on Radio National’s website here.

Stairway to Heaven

rachael_kohnStairways, ladders, tunnels or rainbows: the way to heaven has been imagined since the beginning of time, and for some who’ve nearly died it’s been experienced. But for others, heaven isn’t a place so much as a state of mind or a state of soul.

Join Rachel Kohn at St John’s Anglican Church in East Malvern, Melbourne, for a discussion on heaven with guests, the Rev Dr Roger Ferlo of Virginia Theological Seminary, Indigenous writer Lillian Holt, and Senior Rabbi of Melbourne’s Temple Beth Israel, Fred Morgan.

This interview first aired on Radio National’s show “The Spirit of Things” on 13th September, 2009. If you are unable to listen to the podcast below, you can read the full transcript on Radio National’s website here.

Jane Flemming talking about Living Years

Jane FlemmingAs you know, Jane Flemming, one of Australia’s great sports stars, is talking about Living Years to various media outlets this week.  What a week it’s been so far and it’s only Tuesday!

I thought you might like to listen to one of her radio interviews yesterday with Grant Goldman.  It’s only a couple of minutes and it’s interesting stuff.

An interview with Jane Tewson

Jane Tewson PictureJane set up Pilotlight in the UK and then in Australia.  Pilotlight specialises in bringing together very rich and powerful people into personal contact with people on the street who need help.  Her book is called Death and Dying – Bringing Death to Life.

“Dying to Know: Bringing Death to Life” is witty, profound, and thought-provoking. It has just the right balance for people at the end stages of their life and/or their families and caregivers. It is also suitable for those bereaved by the loss of a loved one.

It is not in an essay or novel style like most books on this subject, but is arranged with pictures, quotes, and short stories – just the right amount when you’re grieving. For example, there is a little pocket at the back of the book which contains a small folded piece of paper with the title “Emotional Will” and when unfolded has unfinished sentences like: “There is something I have learned that I would like you to know…” and “Thank you for this memory, I treasure it…”, etc.

More information on the book or Pilotlight is available on the website: Pilotlight or listen to her wonderful podcast from the ABC here: