The writing of Dr Gordon Livingston: a lesson in life.

Dr. Gordon Livingston

Dr Gordon Livingston has worked as a celebrated psychiatrist for over forty years, and with his extensive research into the conditions of human happiness, has formed valuable insights into how we can deal with tragedy in our own lives. Whilst dedicating his life to counseling others, Dr Gordon’s encounters with suffering have not been exclusively professional, having suffered the tragic loss of two children in a 13-month period, losing one son to suicide and another to leukaemia. Gordon believes that all people are free to deal with loss, unhappiness and suffering and that we all have an unlimited potential to achieve meaningful and lasting happiness in our lives.

Dr Livingston’s writings are characterized by what Elizabeth Edwards has described as ‘his unapologetic directness and his embracing compassion’; a touching and heart rendering appeal to the wisdom of his readers. Dr Livingston’s writings are carefully crafted compositions, touching worldly insights that help the reader see the world differently.

To introduce you to the writings of Dr Gordon Livingston, Living Years has provided a brief synopsis of some of his most acclaimed books.

‘Too Old Soon, Too Late Smart’

This profound and incisive book brings together a collection of wisdoms and deceptively simple truths from Dr Livingston’s lifetime of experience to help you realise that it is never too late to find your greatest happiness, and how to go about it. Among the thirty life lessons featured in the book are ‘We are what we do’, ‘Only bad things happen quickly’, ‘We are afraid of the wrong things’ and ‘Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid’.

‘How To Love’

This inspiring book is for all those both lucky and unlucky in love, to help us to better choose our relationships and how to mediate the ups and downs that inevitably occur. Dr Livingston’s primary focus in this engaging read is to help his readers recognize the key aspects of their personality and of that in others so we can better assess our compatibility and make decisions about the future.

‘Only Spring’

When Dr Livingston and his family received the tragic news that his six-year old son had leukemia, he began keeping a journal tracing the excruciating ordeal of witnessing his child’s courageous battle and the agonising cycle of faith lost and hope gained. As a memorial, this book will introduce you to a remarkable child whose legacy of hope and love can enrich each of us. As a portrait of survival, it will infuse us with the strength and faith to confront the most profound challenges in our lives.

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