Healing Grief Residential Program in NSW with Petrea King

Healing Grief is a weekend residential program that acknowledges the pain of grief as
well as providing an understanding of bereavement, its idiosyncrasies and practical strategies to begin or continue the process of healing, integration and making meaning of our loss.

This program is suitable for anyone who has lost a loved one either recently or in the past and who finds that grief is ongoing.

There are limited spaces available for the upcoming program on 19th – 21st February in Bundanoon, NSW (90 minutes from Sydney). Financial subsidies are available for people who live in NSW, through support from NSW Health.

Reading Petrea’s book, Sometimes Hearts Have to Break is highly recommended before attending this program.

For more information visit http://www.questforlife.com.au or phone 02 4883 6599.


2 responses to “Healing Grief Residential Program in NSW with Petrea King

  1. I feel bad for people who have lost their loved ones through death but I am not sure where to get help when my losses are not through death. My children, my home, belongings, career, friends & future have all been taken from me due to my escape from domestic violence, divorce & mental/emotional breakdown & the systems in place surrounding these issues that don’t help but in fact make it all worse.

    • Hi Fran,
      Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about your circumstances. I would suggest contacting Petrea King and the Quest for Life Foundation as they work with people around all sorts of circumstances, especially the kind you are speaking of. They also have financial subsidies available for people who cannot afford the programs. Their website is http://www.questforlife.com.au
      I hope that is helpful.

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